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The Capital's most impressive Gothic landmarks in the world to most iconic art galleries and museums along with most lavish castles in the world. Eiffel Tower's spectacular ascent, a unique panoramic view of Paris and a twilight session as well as the magic of light makes it a must visit.

New York

A Metropolitan extravaganza, the Big Apple's thrill and tantalizing options are a dream of every traveler enjoys an evening in Manhattan, in the dazzling lights and the bustling New York City life at Times Square. New York City has it all to proffer and Charm you with its unlimited options and snug/comfort. Whether you're looking to dive right down into the hustle and bustle of the beating heart of the city, or rise above it for spectacular skyline views it has it all. Experience the unparalleled city with your own pace with us.


A magnet for visitor's Rome has the status of a Global city. From its vast stockpile of antiquities to the contemporary-art-meets-performing-art zones Rome undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tourists come to the Eternal city from around the world to admire the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture.

Welcome to Parisian Stay

Parisian Stay strives to provide the highest quality in luxury apartment and home rentals in Paris, Rome and New York. In addition to offering beautiful apartments in Paris, Rome and New York and magnificent homes and villas, Parisian Stay provides a variety of services that ensure we meet the specific needs of each and every client. Our staff is flexible, accommodating and attentive and we can be on your doorstep whenever you need us. Our Community includes guests, hosts, local ambassadors and inspectors, suppliers, travel agents and partners all sharing a common mission- trust, safety and experience.



⇒ We had a fabulous stay in Paris in May. The apartment allowed our entire family to stay together, instead of spread out throughout a hotel. Thanks for everything. This apartment was perfect for our party. As represented. We loved the area..So much to see and to do. We want to return as soon as possible. Thank you so very much!

Mark Nicholas (22/02/2015)

⇒ My experience with the Parisian Stay was so amazing. It is one of the most excellent accommodations I have ever stayed at. Everything was so perfect that I didn't want to leave. It would definitely be the first choice any time i need somewhere to stay; and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a nice time.

Andrea Simpson (03/02/2015)

⇒ The stay in Paris was generally very good and we appreciated the convenience of an apartment over a hotel. Your team was very helpful, and came to our assistance very promptly when we needed it.we would certainly recommend you to others.

Stewart Jones (15/01/2015)

Check-in and check-out was quite easy and convenient. Staff is very much helpful. Provided amenities - linen, upholstery, TV/AV, computing of satisfactory level. Near to station. Stay lived up to our expectations.

Nimrah Haya (25/12/2014)

My husband and I enjoyed a one-week stay in Paris. We loved the apartment and the neighborhood. Americans like good showers and this apartment offered was an excellent one!

Alice Halls (1/12/14)

It was better than photos. Communication with the owners and the exchange of e-mail is the main because it was easy to understand is the simple email (in English), I went smoothly without problems also hear anything in particular. For check-in was alright check-in people were very helpful (which is also in English), showed me where I could shop around.

Bernard Joseph (22/11/14)

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